Explore Lease-End Options

with Cooper Kia

A Kia lease is fun and exciting, giving you an opportunity to drive a new model without agreeing to a length payment plan that locks you in for five-to-six years. However, when you approach the end of your lease agreement, you might wonder what your options are. The Cooper Kia team can help!

We can help you finalize the lease process before the end date - we can even help you order your new vehicle sooner rather than later, ensuring it's available when your lease is up! We encourage you to consider our trade-in program - you might be surprised by the low payment you can get on a new vehicle!

Lease or Purchase a New Kia

Ready for a new model as your next new Kia? We've got you covered. You can turn your current lease in and start a new Kia lease with our dealership. You'll get to test drive the latest options and utilize new features as you upgrade to the most recent model options. If you prefer a more permanent solution, you can purchase your new Kia instead!

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Purchase Your Current Kia

Not sure you want to move on from the Kia lease you currently drive? No problem! Our finance team can help you set up a payment plan that helps you pay the remaining balance, making you the owner of your Kia lease!

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Return Your Kia Lease

Not interested in committing to your current lease or another vehicle? Not to worry! We can help you finalize your lease-end terms, ensuring that any necessary charges have been taken care of. Once we've finalized the paperwork, you're on your way!

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