Cooper Automobile Group

5056 Commercial Drive

(3144 US Highway 20)

Yorkville, NY 13495

                                      (315) 736-6660 or (315) 858-1350




To all employees, customers, family members, vendors and communities that we serve, I want to ensure you that the Cooper Automotive Group is taking all precautions to minimalize any spread or potential harm that the COVID-19 Virus can cause.  We are working within the businesses and with our vendors to make sure we are educated about the Virus and up to date with the CDC, Federal, State, Local and New York State Department of Health's precautions, and following their warnings and suggestions for the prevention for any potential harm.


I am working closely with our partners at National 1 Professional Cleaning Services to make sure they maximize their resources to sanitize our business with "hospital quality" disinfectant and germ killing sanitizers, at least once a day, if not more. We are continuing to educate ourselves on the virus and precautions given to us by the above mentioned government groups.  I am sure these plans will evolve as more information is given.  We will pass the information along and make the necessary changes to protect as many people as possible.


Furthermore, we are preparing to handle our day to day business to protect our customers and employees.  This means equipping team members with the proper medical tools such as gloves and masks for precautions.  We will encourage to communicate with customers over the phones and social media services, eliminating some person to person contact.  We will offer vehicle and parts pick up and delivery services at the customers convenience and requests.  


As more information becomes available, I will pass it along.  I want to ensure everyone we will continue to serve all of our customers with their safety and our safety in mind.  I am very optimistic that the effects of this situation will pass and we will continue to serve the community in great capacity.  Thank each and every one of you for your efforts and I appreciate all of you being able to adapt in this uncertain climate.


If any concerns arise, feel free to contact me at any point.




Benjamin a. cooper